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Hi, I'm Liana (they/them).

I'm a music therapist and Canadian Certified Counsellor with a Masters in Counselling Psychology. As a human, I am a queer, gender nonconforming, polyamorous, and neurodivergent musician who loves driving and hiking through vast, forested mountains abroad, taking artsy photos, rock climbing, terrible puns, and excellent coffee. As a clinician, I am guided by research, my education, social justice, and my lived experience to serve you as best I can, bringing warmth, curiosity, flexibility, and the belief that you are capable.

I work with children, youth, and adults, individually or in partnerships. 

My areas of specialty and interest include queer and trans* folx and those in alternative/radical relationship structures, though I will be delighted to meet with you if you connect with identities other than these. I also have experience working as a music therapist with children on the spectrum and living with other neurodiversities.

I enjoy working with people through:

- Explorations in identity or life path

- Self-discovery and empowerment

- Navigating feelings of anxiety and depression

- Development of skills and experiences in communication and interpersonal connection

- Existential questioning

- Psychedelic integration

- Unweaving of the tangles of everyday life, internal and relational

No matter where you are coming from, you're invited to be your authentic self, tell your story, and co-create with me what therapy looks like. In an empathic, curious and empowering space, I will offer therapeutic direction and techniques to help you build bridges toward your goals.

When working with children, I lean on play, mindfulness, attunement, humour, body awareness, and creativity.

With older youth and adults, the ideas I'll offer are often inspired by: mindfulness, attachment science, identity affirmation, trauma as it lives in the body, and my education in couples counselling, CBT, and non-violent communication.

We may gently unearth emotional layers, expand your attitudes and feelings towards life situations, or develop new ways you'd like to act in the world. We might talk, draw or move around. There might be long silences, or lots of laughter. I may ask you to check in with your body.

My hope is that you'll leave our work together with new insight or awareness into the self, or looking at an issue from a different perspective. And after our sessions, I encourage you to take a few minutes to journal, meditate, stretch — anything that honours you and the work you just did.

I look forward to working together!

Session Fee: $175 (including all taxes) per 50-minute session.

Email: [email protected]