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Why choose online or pho​ne therapy?

Online and phone sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions, and can be done from anywhere at any time. This gives you the freedom to work around your schedule and to see me from any comfortable, quiet and private location. 

You never have to worry about traffic or unfavourable weather conditions (hello, Canadian winter!), and there's no need to dress up. You can stay in your pyjamas or put on your comfiest sweatpants while we dedicate an entire session to YOU!

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Individual Therapy

Sometimes it can feel like you're stuck, lost and have to try to figure it out alone. I'm here to support you in redefining who you are and what you want. Create the life you truly deserve by working through the tough stuff and embracing your unique abilities. 

We'll work together to explore what fills your cup and what no longer serves you, so that you can achieve balance in your life.

Couples & Partners Therapy

Whether you're in a traditional monogamous relationship or a non-traditional polyamorous, kink or creative relationship, bumps in the road can be inevitable. 

Perhaps you find yourselves fighting over silly things or your sex life isn't where you'd like it to be. Maybe you've got one foot out the door, or you're looking for help navigating an amicable separation.

Relationship therapy doesn't end with romantic or sexual partners. Sometimes we need help navigating family, friend and work dynamics. We can help with that too! 

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Sex Therapy

Talking about sex can be daunting. We tend to grow up understanding that sex is a dirty, taboo subject, and so we don't know who to talk to when facing difficulties in our sex lives. 

First of all, let's throw all stigma out the window and embrace the sexual and sensual parts of ourselves! Sex should be enjoyed and explored in ways that feel authentic, safe, and pleasurable. 

Gender Affirming Assessments

Do you identify as Trans or Non-Binary? Are you looking to access medical services that provide gender affirming care? 

Alice is trained to provide hormone readiness assessments that can help you navigate challenging decisions on your way to accessing the services you desire. 

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Therapy Rates

Please visit each counsellor's page for their fees.